For any of your video productions, VoiceMonk offers fully customizable localization services and solutions. Our skilled team of professionals may oversee the full project from start to finish or provide only the services you require, all while retaining the originals’ high quality and standard. The video localization process consists of multiple tasks that necessitate the assistance of a variety of professionals. This usually entails having access to the necessary resources as well as the time to do these activities. We want to save you time by providing these services as a complete video localization solution or as individual services, depending on your requirements.

In processes like video dubbing where the localised voice recording completely replaces the original speaker’s audio track, our staff has a lot of experience in video localization for complex and multi-faceted projects, especially when it comes to translating many videos into other languages. We can produce a professional localised video after a thorough QA procedure. Professional video translation services help you avoid a slew of costly mistakes including miscommunication, offensive expressions, and shoddy subtitles, all of which detract from your audience’s viewing experience. Our top-notch video localization services will bring you closer to your target audience regardless of location, thanks to a broad network of native linguists with the relevant background knowledge and skill in video captioning.

Video is increasingly being used by corporations to engage customers and train worldwide teams. We collaborate with marketing and media production firms, as well as corporate marketing and HR departments, to localise video assets for global distribution. We have considerable expertise offering video translation services to multinational businesses, ranging from TV car ads to e-learning videos. To provide video localization services, our in-house technical and language teams combine their skills. Choose from stand-alone services like voice-over recording or the whole localization package, which includes all subtitles, on-screen text, and voice-over recordings for ready-to-launch videos.

Our objective at VoiceMonk is to change the way videos are translated. We understand the difficulties of video localization and its many pain spots during the localization process because we have over 16 years of expertise in the language services sector. We want to make the process of localising videos as straightforward and painless as possible. Our team can make sure the message gets to the right people, adapt jokes and puns, and make video content marketable. Video transcription, localization, captioning, translation, and subtitling are all available with VoiceMonk. All you have to do now is submit us the video as well as the languages you’d want to use. We’ll take care of the rest and send you a ready-to-watch modified video.

We’ve streamlined much of the video localisation process so you can get your videos professionally localised in a timely and high-quality manner, allowing you to launch your foreign language videos more quickly in global markets. We can give our linguists quick access to movies by automatically putting subtitles in the target language. Our linguists can make real-time modifications and complete the project swiftly as a result of this. 

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