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For over 16 years, VoiceMonk has provided website translation services in over 100 languages through a global network of vetted native-speaking professional translators. Translators are chosen based on your website, whether it is cosmetic, technical, or legal, to ensure the use of acceptable vocabulary. They also reside in the country that the website is aimed at, giving them a unique understanding of the local cultural background and allowing them to flawlessly adjust the portions of your website that require actual localization. We establish a translation memory for each project so that you only pay for new parts of your website when you update it.

A website translation allows you to reach thousands of new visitors and potential clients over the internet. Offering your products or services to an international audience gives your company exposure and significant growth potential. Consumers are more likely to purchase if they can locate information in their language, according to numerous studies. You can give your overseas visitors a pleasant browsing experience while gaining market share in your business at a low cost. While you grow into new regions, our local-speaking translators will adjust the content of your website to the culture and target audience, preserving your brand identity.

Because mobile apps are frequently used in personal contexts, they must speak the user’s language. Even enterprise apps are localised to reach as many users as possible around the world. The ability to translate mobile apps improves the user experience (UX). These app stores can be found in hundreds of countries. With app localization, developers can easily take advantage of the global access these stores give. It is easier to find, download, and utilise your programme if it is translated. It also aids in the development of a more engaged and devoted user base.

Apps now account for 90% of all activity on mobile devices, rather than browsers. The bulk of apps, on the other hand, are downloaded and discarded in a matter of minutes. As a result, proper app localization has never been more critical. In the native language of your target clients, a properly translated app has the capacity to boost brand value and establish meaningful interactions. The content of mobile apps is dynamic and is changed multiple times per day. As a result, the translation of this information is or should be, near-continuous. The translation can be handled better by an agile localization process and team configuration than by a waterfall development strategy.

When it comes to app and website translation, the majority of people prefer to have numerous language versions. The multilingual website was created with worldwide audiences in mind, and it was made with the understanding that language should not be a barrier to engaging with potential customers all over the world. For our clients, our solutions are easily scalable. Large volumes of data and documents can be translated for your website for clients who prefer machine translation after editing. We allow harmonic communication with our partners throughout the website and app translation process thanks to our quick deliver

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